Tips for your Session! - Chelsea deRoche Photography

Chelsea deRoche Photography

Preparing for your session!? Great! Here are some helpful tips:

Clothes: This is the biggest question most clients ask and there are so many options! My best piece of advise- don’t match, but coordinate your clothing colors! White t’s, jeans and bare feet are over! Coordinate colors and styles, typically when you’re matchy matchy it will age the photos. Also if you’re Pinterest savvy you can totally enter in your color scheme+photo shoot and it will give you plenty of ideas! 

Hair: Men- quick stop to get a haircut a few days before the session will be best. For the ladies- if you are anything like me (can’t do my own hair to save my life) go to the blowout bar! Splurge and make yourself feel extra fabulous- it will show in your pictures!

Hair accessories: Be ready to put your hair up and make it look nice in case of a windy day. Bring bobby pins, hair clips, headbands or any other favorite accessories. 

Glasses: If people wouldn’t recognize you without glasses, you want to wear glasses in your shoot – however, the glare on glasses can detract from your eyes in photos. You can have your lenses removed from your frames for your shoot (don’t worry, it’s what Hollywood does to avoid glare in movies), ask your eye doctor to loan you a pair of similar frames, or you can also visit an inexpensive company online and buy a suitable pair of duplicate frames on the cheap. Or just have a glare and don’t let people see your beautiful eyes- up to you ;)

Lips:  Chapstick is my best friend. Especially during a shoot. If you wear a colored lipstick be sure to bring it with you incase a touch up is needed. Also check your teeth but don’t worry I won’t be afraid to let you know, (just ask my mom, she hates it! Sorry not sorry mom.) Use lip balm for a few days in advance of your shoot to make your smoochers look their best. 

Teeth: If you want to brighten your smile, start your treatments about two weeks before your shoot. Also brush brush brush before your session!!

Facial hair: Men, be freshly shaved, trim up your board, sideburns, moustache or goatee, especially looking for wiry stray hairs. Men and women both, pluck and clean up those eyebrows if they’re in need of some love!

Moisturizer: For dry skin on your face, especially around your nose, use a sugar scrub. Bring a non scented lotion with you the day of your session if you’re worried you might need it.

Nails: A fresh coat of nail polish will make a world of difference in your photo shoot. Pick a neutral color that won’t distract in your shoot or clash with your outfits. Freshen the morning of the shoot, then be careful not to scuff it while prepping. Your photo shoot is a great excuse for a fresh manicure, but if you can’t go to the salon, make sure your nails look tidy and clean.

Bloating: Ugh, we don’t want this to be a problem but lets face it, you never know when it will be. Avoid high salt and high fat foods for two to three days in advance of your shoot.

Undergarments: Bra straps won’t do anything to help your outfit look its best. If you’re wearing spanx make sure those don’t show either!

Sun burns and tan lines: If your shoot is booked for Saturday, don’t go to the beach on Friday. If you plan to tan before your shoot, do so at least a week beforehand and don’t get burned. Be mindful of clothing tan lines, sunglass tan lines, hat tan lines, etc.

Ironing:  If you iron (unlike me who hates it!) iron the night before and then hang the clothes for your shoot. If you’re wearing something that wrinkles easily, don’t wear it in the car on the way to the shoot – just change at the location.

Shoes: Ladies can’t go wrong in heels or wedges. Men, clean’em up! Dress shoes are best but as with most things, let your momma or your wife decide.

Specific type of session tips:

Maternity: Moisturize that belly! Gather your props to bring along – ultrasound printout, alphabet blocks that spell your baby’s name, baby shoes, stuffed animals, flowers, whatever you’ve seen in other maternity photos that you like. Wear whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in – long, flowy skirts, especially solids are nice, and strapless bras that coordinate with them. Tube dresses are great for showing off your shape. Bring a pair of regular jeans, not the belly panel ones. A button-up shirt also makes it easy to transition into showing your belly. Do bring your significant other! They’ll make a great prop for your photos, and greatly expand on the number of different photos you’ll get from your shoot.

Newborns and Babies: Use a washcloth to clean away flaky skin and eye boogers. If your baby has flaky skin, cradle cap, or eczema. Trim those tiny fingernails and toenails with appropriate baby trimmers. Book your shoot around your baby’s feeding and nap times, work with the natural rhythm of your baby. The perfect time to shoot is right when the baby would be laying down for a nap. If your baby normally falls asleep after a feeding, wait to feed the baby until you’re at the shoot. Baby photographers allot plenty of time for this sort of thing to set up the best situation for great photos. Cloth diapers are classy and stylish, but if you don’t use them, bring bloomers or decorative diaper covers, solids preferred. Nothing is the best wardrobe for a newborn – no outfit fits a newborn well, and they often look swallowed in clothes. Bring sentimental items like the quilt that Grandma made for the baby, a baby blanket from your own childhood – they’re great for the youngster to lay on. If your baby takes a pacifier, bring it – if they’re bottle fed, bring an extra bottle to help put the baby to sleep. 

Children: Clean, clean, clean – clean nails, clean hair, wipe away eye boogers, wipe snotty noses, fresh-scrub teeth. The cleaner the kid, the better their photos will turn out. Bring wipes with you! (seriously, my #1 tip!) If your child is still in diapers or pull-ups, tuck’em in or wear bloomers. If your child is still of napping age, make sure they nap before the shoot. Don't be afraid of some small bribes to make it through the session. Some cereal, smarties or other candy that won’t stain teeth can help a short photo shoot go by smoothly.

High school seniors: Have an even tan, don’t get sunburned, clean and freshly-paint those nails, and moisturize and scrub away dry skin. Take extra time doing your hair before your shoot! Bring a variety of outfits. Bring props that recall your high school years – band instrument, sports gear like a volleyball or baseball bat, books, etc. Most of all, rep your style, whatever that may be. Your senior photo should be unique to your life and personality.

Feel free to email me with any questions before your shoot!